They've repaired my wedding ring and were amazing
about it and now pierced my little girls ears.
They didn't rush and made sure
everything looked perfect.
Aimee W.

Michelle Hill

When I had a ring sawn off by the emergency room after breaking my finger while wearing it, I went to a competing jewelry store to have it
filled and resized, from a 5.5 to a 7.5. When I got the ring back, it had absolutely no change in size.
I went to Bejeweled, which I've never been a customer of until now, and they were very kind, caring, and concerned.
My ring was fixed in 3 days to the RIGHT size and for a good price. The competing store won't have my business - Bejeweled will be my
go-to jewelry store when I'm in Chiefland from now on.
Akira G.

Michelle Hill

Wendy and her staff have always been friendly and helpful.
My wife’s favorite piece of jewelry was custom made by Bejeweled!
Jason K.

Jennifer Smith

Absolutely love this place! Excellent and friendly service every time and have beautiful and unique jewelry!
I only come here for my jewelry purchases!
Ashley P.

Robert Chapman

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